Thursday, April 15, 2010

Welcome To The World Of Movies For Folks Of Color


Since 1997, I've been writing film reviews and covering film festivals and industry events. Through it all, I have never lost consciousness about what appeals to me as a person of color. There were many times that I've viewed a film that was extremely popular among the mainstream, but held some nagging displeasure for me. After I analyzed what I had seen, I'd often discover traces of stereotyping or subliminal institutionalized racism somewhere in the content.

Because I often wrote for publications that couldn't exactly trash the films whose studios were paying for ad space, I had to walk a fine line between honesty and forgiveness. It hasn't been easy.

Thanks to blogging, I can now express my true sentiments. On these Blogger pages, you--the folk of color--will find out what you can expect based on my own experiences in viewing today's most popular films that feature our people as talent, director, producer and/or writer. Together, we will explore the authenticity of our characters and stories, and whether those movies are worth watching.

Hey, come back soon for my very first movie review.

See you at the cyber theater!

~The Colored Cinema Chick

For starters, this is one of my fave flicks simply because Nola Darling is so dang independent. Go 'head on, girl.